Scientists Successfully Grow Body Parts

For those familiar with the Spider-Man comic book history, you are probably familiar with a man name Doc Connors. Doc Connors was a brilliant scientist who specialiazed in regenerative medicines and since he had just one arm, this led to the vast majority of his research pertaining to him trying to gain the ability to grow a new appendage to replace his old arm. Eventually he succeeds, but unfortunately one of the side effects of him achieving this goal was that he turned into a monstrous lizard and became another one of Spidey’s arch-enemies, and the rest is history.

Now comic book plots and Sci-Fi novels aside, in the real world it looks like some doctors have recently achieved something similar to what Doc Connors achieved in the comics. They have successfully created replacement organs using their patients own cells.

CNN reports that scientists have successfully engineered more than 30 tissue and organs, along with Liver and heart valves. With this new development in regenerative medicine, doctors and scientists would be able to cure diseases instead of simply treating them.

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