Ci Ci Foster: More Than Just Romance in Her Book “Sunny Rain”

Hot, Sexy, Seductive and Addicting these words can’t even sum up this African-American Erotic Author.  Her inspiration to…

Hot, Sexy, Seductive and Addicting these words can’t even sum up this African-American Erotic Author.  Her inspiration to write erotic fiction came from her always being a passionate and romantic person and her sensually and love is captured in her book “Sunny Rain”, the story tells of three professional women living in Chicago whose lives seem perfect until personal tragedies arise forcing these friends to find the courage to conquer their own fears and shady past. I had a chance to catch up with the author and got her to share some of  her views about her book.

Christina Jeter: What is the secret to keeping a strong connection, seeing how you have been married for ten years?

Ci Ci Foster: I believe trust and communication is the key to any successful relationship.

CJ: How did you come up with the title of your book?

Ci Ci Foster: I had some working titles and was with a friend at the park and he never even read the book, but knew the pitch and just came up with the title “Sunny Rain”, I loved it as it was original!

CJ: Who are the main characters in your book?

Ci Ci Foster: Natalie Ellis is a woman who seems to have it all, beauty, a successful husband, and the envy of her peers.  Leslie Morgan is outgoing, loves man, and just a free spirit when it comes to life!  Monica Davis is shy, reserved and has low self- esteem.

CJ: In what ways do you think the audience can relate to the characters in your book?

Ci Ci Foster: I think everybody can relate to these characters, as we all have circumstances in our lives, meaning we go thru our ups and downs.

CJ: Do you think your book will have an impact on how African American woman view relationships?

Ci Ci Foster: I could hope the impact would be a wake-up call for any woman in a bad relationship, as it is mostly woman who put in the time and effort to make the relationship right, when they really need to see the truth.

CJ: What do you want your readers to gain after reading your book?

Ci Ci Foster: Life is about choice, as we all have problems, but is it about how you handle them that will result in you being happy or miserable. Learn and grow from your mistakes.

CJ: What prevalent myths do you challenge in your book?

Ci Ci Foster: I challenge the statement ”All men are dogs”, as it is commonly stereotyped that men are the ones juggling woman and there are not any more good men, that is why in the book I purposely made it that the woman are the ones doing dirt. In the book the character Natalie Ellis steps out on her husband, as she didn’t know how to handle the values of having a good man.

CJ: In your opinion, what are the most changeling and rewarding aspects of being an erotic author?

Ci Ci Foster: The challenging part is because there are a lot of erotic fiction writers, but I have crafted my technique to set me apart from the others erotic authors out there.

CJ: Beside being the new face of urban erotic, you are an accomplish actress, model, producer, and entrepreneur. Tell me about any upcoming projects you are excited about?

Ci Ci Foster: I am very proud about myself funded documentary “I heart Hollywood” which will be featured at the Bronzeville Cultural Festival, the film is about 14 woman who move to LA in our to pursue their dreams and the struggles they face in doing so.

CJ: What can we except from your next novel Hollywoodn’t?

Ci Ci Foster: It is about a woman who risk it all to save it all!

CJ: Two of the book’s central theme are forgiveness and self-love. What advice would you give woman struggling with low self esteem?

Ci Ci Foster: You have to get rid of that negativity, remove people from your life that are putting you down, change your thinking, mediate, practice daily positive affirmations, day by day your desires will come to past as you put your needs first.

CJ: Do you believe true love conquers all?

Ci Ci Foster: No! The expression “True Love conquers all” is an excuse woman use to stay in bad relationships.

CJ: The characters in your book are outwardly successful but have deep issues that cause them to make bad decisions that affect their relationships and their lives. Do you think that is the reality of black woman today? If so, how can they empower themselves and lead better lives?

Ci Ci Foster: Yes, I think it can be the reality of some African American woman or someone they know. In order to be empowered you have to realize your desires, set goals for yourself, and work to achieve them. Anything is possible, with hard work, determination, and will result in you living a more fulfilling life.

CJ: Cheating, lies, and betrayal are often present in today’s relationships. In your opinion, how can couples survive these issues, and have better relationships?

Ci Ci Foster: Very few people can get pass the hurt they have been cheated, but it is possible with time, commitment, rebuilding, and they would need to go to therapy together.

For more info about Ci Ci Foster, visit her website and make sure you check her out on August 7th at Azizi Books in Chicago between 2pm-5pm, as she will be holding a book signing for Sunny Rain.


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