Happy Meals Just Got a Little Less “Happy” and That’s a Good Thing

Happy Meal

Happy MealParents are rejoicing all over the country today as McDonald’s just made a major announcement that they will add apples to every Happy Meal served and severely reduce the number of fries served with the meals.

The McDonald’s debate has been going on for years.  The debate of McDonald’s deliberately reaching out to our children at early ages, that whether or not this contributed to our society as a whole to them becoming obese.  These debates and efforts by nutrition activists nationwide seems to have finally reached through to McDonald’s as they will make apples a standard item in kids’ meals which is no small feat because McDonald’s has been doing things their way with the kids’ meals for over 30 years.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for helping to solve the child obesity problem in America.  It’s not so much the point that McDonald’s is now adding a couple of apple slices to their meals thus making the meals a little bit healthier.  It’s the fact that McDonald’s is the world’s largest burger chain and by them doing this, other chains are sure to follow suit thus creating a domino effect that could go much beyond McDonald’s and their menu items.

The company is also pledging to reduce sugars, saturated fats, sodium and calories in its menu items by 2020.