Belts Passed Out to Florida Schools to Help Keep Kids From Sagging Their Pants

Senator Gary Siplin made sure kids didn’t sag their pants on the first day of school.
Student sagging pants

State Senator Gary Siplin passed a law last spring, which requires schools to adopt a dress code that banned saggy pants.  On the first day of school, he made sure that the schools kept that promise and reminded everyone that the law was in full effect by showing up to several schools in Florida and handing out belts to students whose pants sagged.

“We want our kids to believe they’re going to college, and part of that is an attitude, and part of that is being dressed professionally,” Gary Siplin said.

Many say that the sagging pants style originated from within hip-hop culture, others such as rapper Killer Mike believe that sagging came from poor kids who had parents that relied on hand me downs from older relatives, and also who bought clothes that were two sizes up because they were cheaper.

On the flipside of that Florida rapper Plies dedicated his song “Pants Hang Low” to oppose the then proposed Pull Your Pants Up law saying he loves sagging pants since he comes from the hood.

I just don’t understand how showing off your ass literally is somehow still in fashion.

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