300 Pound Man Sues White Castle Because Their Booths Are Too Small

Is there a such thing as a booth being small for a 300 pound man? This man think so. That's why he's taking White Castle to court.

Another day. Another frivolous lawsuit. A man who loves burgers, White Castle burgers to be exact; and weighs nearly 300 pounds is suing the burger franchise. His reason for suing is because the booths are too small for his large frame.

Martin Kessman can’t fit into the restaurant’s booths and he’s complained to management for more than two years after repeatedly knocking his knee into the tables’ metal supports.

The 64-year-old New York stockbroker sent a series of letters of complaint to them, but their response to him was free burger coupons and a promise they would expand its booth sizes. That promise never came, and now Kessman is taking them to federal court.

He is suing for bigger chairs and unspecified damages because he says the eatery is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. He actually compares himself to pregnant women and the handicapped.

He’s doing all of this because the booths are too small? Who does that? Whatever happened to takeout? Or going through the drive thru window?

Even with this lawsuit pending, he still dines on White Castle burgers but now he sends his wife to go pick up his orders.

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