Topeka Frees 30 Domestic Abuse Suspects Due To Lack of Budget

To make budget cuts on prosecutions for domestic abuse is unjustifiable.

It is one thing that recession  can be felt in our everyday lives but another when the very security that we are depending on which is being provided by the government is being compromised  due to recession. Just recently, 30 misdemeanor battery cases have been repealed which resulted to freeing 30 domestic abuse suspects on the loose.


According to Topeka’s District Attorney Chad Taylor, Topeka City Council apparently has to do a 10 percent budget cut and thus would result to dropping charges to almost half of its cases which are domestic abuse.

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With how things are going down financially in the United States, it is not very shocking that the tension inside households could be higher than usual which could turn to domestic abuse. It is for this very reason that it is very important that the local governments have as much resources as possible to fully exercise their roles to provide justice and security which is obviously not the case for Topeka.