Workout Kid – CJ Senter’s body is a literal 10

The “workout kid” has a body that most adults would die for. At 10 year old, he has a whopping 8 pack to be proud of.
CJ Senter’s got a body like woa at 10.

CJ Senter, a 10 year old boy who is steadily gaining popularity as “The Workout Kid” having sold 4,500 workout DVDs in total has garnered a new angle of popularity after being guested on CNN and being hailed as the Justin Bieber of Fitness.

CJ Senter has been working in gym rigorously on his fitness with gear like power racks, best doorway pull up bar, power tower, rowing machines, spin bikes and many more to get his body in shape besides making 8 pack abs.

He is definitely not there yet but CJ apparently has an impressive number of fans. A 10 year old with an 8 pack, we are not surprised! Even the real Justin Bieber do not have that. Check out the teaser of his workout video below.

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