Kim Kardashian Divorce – End Of A 72 Day Kardashian Fairy Tale

Kim Kardashian divorces her beau Kris Humphries after just 72 days.
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It started with a sex tape followed by a reality show, then a wedding and now a divorce. Truly, Kim Kardashian takes “showstopper” into a whole other level as she officially files for divorce against Kris Humphries after 72 days of being married together.

According to the couple, it’s irrevocable differences that caused the break up. Apparently Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have different plans in mind in regards to where they would be spending their married life together. Kris Humphries who grew up in Minnesota thought that Kim Kadashian was totally with him about living in Minnesota together. However, Kim believes that it is in her best interests career wise if she stays in LA.

It is actually quite surprising that Kris Humphries did not see this right on for Kim’s focus on her career was one of the very significant things that he loved about her, just like he said on his wedding vow.

Business – wise, Kim and Kris’ divorce is now causing problems in regards to the  show “Kim’s Fairy Tale Wedding” in regards to whether E! will continue airing it or not as it may seem insensitive if E! would push it whilst their reality star is undergoing such difficult time. However, critics believe that with Kim being Kim, she would not  mind as it is business. Naturally, this divorce issue would raise curiosity and thus attract more viewers at least until the divorce issue gets old.

While the Kardashian’s fan base is supporting Kim, it is inevitable that there will be opinions that are against them. Some people see this as a textbook popularity stunt to further promote Kim’s fame as well as to garner more money. As of now, it’s just the Kardashian sisters who have expressed their feelings towards Kim’s divorce thanking their fans for their support.


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