Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ Music Video Critiqued By Anti – Rape Groups

Rihanna we found love music video gets heavily critiqued by anti-rape groups.

Rihanna has yet again rocked the music world by storm as her new music video We Found Love reached over 19 million views and counting since its debut last October 19th on Youtube.

With Rihanna’s achieved fame at such an early age, she has been hit by several issues and scandals, with her getting beat up by Chris Brown being the most disturbing and now with her songs and music videos that seem to be linked with her experience in regards to abusive relationships.

With her latest songs such as Rude BOy, S&M and Man Down with videos that other people may find to be pornographic in nature or that send inappropriate messages to viewers, We Found Love has definitely hit the wrong spot for the anti-rape groups. For them, there are parts of the music video wherein Rihanna was being objectified and it symbolizes what they are against.

Melina Matsoukas, the director of We Found Love’s music vid defended her work against the critiques by saying that her work neither promotes violence against women nor conveys a bad message to the viewers. In fact, according to Melina Matsoukas, the video shows a girl who obtains freedom from a radical relationship in the end which pretty much means that it does convey a message that relationships such a these should be ran away from.

Regardless of Melina Matsoukas’ explanation, the anti-rape group still pressed on their concern especially on a specific scene in the music video wherein Rihanna’s boyfriend was tattooing the word “mine” on her back. According to them it is a very symbol that Rihanna, as a woman is being treated as an object by his boyfriend and that in general, it conveys the message that it is okay for guys to do that and that it is normal for women to be objectified like that.

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