Seattle ‘Superhero’ Phoenix Jones Loses His Real Job

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a hero. Seattle “superhero” Phoenix Jones loses his real job.

When Phoenix Jones, a “superhero” from Seattle, broke up a fight back in October, he thought he was doing the right thing.  He saw a group of people beating up on a person and so he decided to break up the fight.  And since he doesn’t have Superman’s strength, Spider-Man’s web shooters, or the speed of the Flash, he had to use the only gadget that he had and that happened to be pepper spray.  Batman he was not.

But…in the real world there is no room for self proclaimied superheroes/vigilantes, no matter the intentions, and that’s where Phoenix Jones crossed the line unfortunately.  Instead of him being proclaimed a hero, he was arrested for assault and now he has lost his job.

The Washington Department of Social and Health Services says the superhero — real name Ben Fodor — had been contracted to provide home-care services to the department’s clients.

The department says it declined to extend his contract when it expired last month because an assault conviction would bar him from working with vulnerable people even though the 23-year-old hasn’t been charged.

If he is not convicted he can ask that his contract status be reinstated, and in the meantime he can appeal the decision not to extend his contract.

Even superheroes need jobs.  Let’s just hope that someone out there gives this guy another chance.

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