Planning to Do Walmart Black Friday? Be Cautious and Aware of Fights

This is a special reminder to all of those participating in Black Friday events across the land to be safe because things could turn ugly in a hurry.


For those of us that may be planning to ditch our families early on Thanksgiving night to head over to Walmart’s Black Friday event to try and get those hot deals like that cool blue edition Wii for $99, make sure you don’t get caught up in what happened to 17-year old Ashley Corbett in a Walmart in Georgia.

The teenage girl’s teeth were shattered when a large porcelain bowl struck her in the face during a brawl inside a suburban Atlanta nail salon that may have been touched off by a dispute over pricing.

Ashley was waiting to have her nails done when others began fighting in the Regal Nails inside a Walmart store in Snellville on Monday night. Someone threw a bowl used by customers to soak their nails, and it shattered as it struck the girl in her face.

Now granted, the events leading up to this particular fight didn’t have anything to do with Black Friday itself, but with Black Friday Thursday being tomorrow and with Walmart offering severe discounts on items such as flat screen televisions, Laptops, PS3s, and Wiis you could be certain that another incident like this is never too far away.

For some reason, not being able to get that item that you want at that low bargain basement price brings out the ugliness in people.  Then being at Walmart instead of, say Target, magnifies that ugliness by 1000 percent.  It is safe to say that people can go from being ugly to “ooooglay” as soon as they walk through Walmart’s doors.

We here at The Urban Twist wish Ashley a speedy recovery, and let this be a reminder for all of you to be safe and to be careful of your surroundings.  That $99 Wii is not worth a broken jaw, or quite worse, your life.

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