Six Online Dating Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you're interested in finding your next date online, you may want to follow our advice.

So many more people are trying online dating now than ever before. Every day, more and more profiles are created and connections made. There are thousands of stories of happy marriages that began on the Internet. It’s not so looked down upon anymore – it can be a very legitimate way to meet someone new. If you want to try online dating in hopes of meeting someone you can have a relationship with in real life, don’t make any of these six common online dating mistakes.

Old Pictures

Not using a current photo of yourself on your online dating profile is a big mistake. You’d better use a photo that looks like you now, or your potential mate will be thrown off guard in person. If you look different when you meet, they will begin to wonder in what other ways you mislead them. In the worst case scenario, they won’t be attracted to you in person, and you wasted your time and theirs by giving an incorrect impression. Conversely, if you look better in person than in your photo, you are selling yourself short.


The biggest mistake you can make in online dating is lying about yourself in any way. It may seem very easy to stretch the truth or completely make something up when you’re just typing to a faceless person, but if you ever want to take things further and meet in person, your lies can quickly catch up to you. If you are caught lying about something, it can immediately ruin your chances. Even if the person decides to overlook your deception, it has already put a crack in your foundation, and your honesty can easily be called into question in the future.

Giving Too Much Info

With online dating, you need to reveal things about yourself just as you would in person. Don’t think that because it’s over the computer things are different. It can be very easy to over-share information about yourself because you are not in a face-to-face situation and talking online is generally much easier. There is an absence of nerves or body language to give you cues about how much is too much. Don’t get too personal too soon or you will turn your potential mate off before they have the chance to meet you. Stick to appropriate topics, and save something for the date.

Not Getting Enough Info

Before you decide to meet with someone, make sure you get enough information about them. Ask them the things you would want to know from anyone you’ve randomly met in person, and don’t just take anything for granted. Online dating is a good opportunity to “screen” people and find someone who is truly compatible with you. You can find out about things that could be potential deal breakers. If you wait to ask the important questions in person, you may find you’ve wasted your time, or are meeting with someone very different than who you thought.

Moving Too Quickly

It’s easy to get the impression that you are very compatible with someone online when your conversations consist of typed, well thought-out remarks and responses. Try to remember that interacting in person is much different. Don’t think you’re ready for a relationship with someone until you actually meet with them. Take things slowly and at just the pace you would in traditional dating.

Not Meeting Safely

When you finally do decide to meet in person, remember to still do it safely in a public place, no matter how long you’ve been chatting or how much you think you know about someone. It is very easy for people to lie or mislead on the computer, and you could find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation if you forgo normal safety precautions.

About the Author: Lisa Haan writes on trending topics and proofreads her pieces using the most advanced grammar checker on the web.

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