‘Most Wanted’ Fugitive Chaperoned Daughter’s Field Trip

Donald Vasser wanted to be a good father to his daughter and decided to chaperone her field trip. The only problem was that he was a criminal on the run.
Most Wanted Fugitive

Most Wanted FugitiveEATTLE (AP) — Seattle police say a man on the run for a litany of crimes was spotted chaperoning his daughter’s elementary school field trip.

Donald Vasser was featured on “Washington’s Most Wanted,” a local law enforcement show in the style of “America’s Most Wanted.” It described the 39-year-old man as a “high-violent offender” with more than 20 arrests under his belt.

Seattle police spokeswoman Renee Witt says another parent recognized him and police were called in after the students came back to Lowell Elementary School on Wednesday. Vasser fled before police arrived, and officers were unable to find him even though the school was locked down.

Schools spokeswoman Teresa Wippel says officials are investigating how Vasser was able to get on the trip. She says that schools run background checks on chaperones.

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