FedEx Totally Doesn’t Care About Delivering Your Packages in One Piece (Video)

Fedex Sucks
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FedEx has a PR nightmare on its hands after one of their delivery drivers was caught on camera delivering a customer’s goods quite swiftly and very expediously, and by that we mean that the delivery guy threw a package over the fence towards the customer’s porch as if it were a newspaper.


To add insult to injury, the package’s contents were obvious and you could easily see that the package was a computer monitor. So the delivery driver knew that he was tossing something fragile to begin with, and then he simply walked away as if it was all part of his day’s usual routine.

But thankfully for us and millions of others with internet access, the stupidity of the driver was captured on hidden camera and if you watch closely you can see that he doesn’t even try to get a hold of the person who lives in the location.

Fedex is promising to track down the delivery driver and fire them as soon as their location and identity is revealed.

With the story making national headlines and FedEx’s rep taking a hit, I don’t think it will take long before this employee to be identified and promptly fired.

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