2012 Sugar Bowl Gets Fans Moving to a New Orleans Tune

With this year’s Sugar Bowl being in New Orleans, fans from Virginia Tech and Michigan get caught up in the vibe.
Sugar Bowl fans from the university of Chicago and Virginia joined the second-line in the French Quarter parade

University of Virginia and Michigan students took to the streets and moved to a New Orleans beat, on the eve of the Sugar Bowl with the second-line parade in the French Quarter.

The colorful parade featured marching bands, horse drawn carriages and throngs of Sugar Bowl fans cheering as the parade proceeded through the Quarter.

The parade paved the way for the Michigan and Virginia Tech Allstate Sugar Bowl, which will take place tonight at 8:30 ET at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

The 1st of January was a special day for the Sugar Bowl committee, because it marked their 77th anniversary. Holding the honorary position as a Sugar Bowl committee member is much more work than simply adorning the blue blazer and going on scouting trips to various college trips around the country.

The Vice president of Entergy and Sugar Bowl member Rod West explained, “Its fun when the lights and cameras are on and you’re representing the Sugar Bowl. But when the cameras are off and nobody’s watching, which is 95 percent of the time, its work – tedious, thankless, time-consuming work.” He added, “But we know we’re expected to put on one hell of a show, and I promise you we’re going to do exactly that.”

Who’s your pick for the game tonight?  Virginia Tech or Michigan?

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