Girls Scouts Introduce ‘Savannah Smile’ Cookies to Celebrate 100 Years

Girl Scouts introduce ‘Savannah Smile’ cookies, to celebrate their 100th year of operation. The new cookies are shaped like lemon wedges.
Girl Scouts iontroduce Sav annah Smile cookies to celebrate 100 years

Cookie season is here again, and to celebrate their 100th year the Girl Scouts Foundation has introduced the new Savannah Smile cookies.

The new cookies come in crescent shapes, with lemon chips dusted in powdered sugar and featuring the irresistible signature smiles on the packaging. Little Brownie Bakers are the company behind the new lemon-wedge cookies, which are named the cookies after Juliette Low’s hometown; the Girl Scout founder.

Five Savannah Smiles are said to contain 140 calories, which is well worth their “cool and crisp nature, with the right number of lemon chips to deliver tiny bursts of flavor.”

The Girl Scout troops have been baking and selling cookies since 1917, to raise funds for their organization. The organization sells an estimated 200 million boxes of cookies are sold annually, with the Thin Mint cookies single-handedly representing 25 percent of their sales.

Could they possibly over-run the Chocolate Caramel or Coconut Samoa cookies; only time will tell whether the Savannah Smile cookies will fit in the star line-up of Girl Scout cookies.

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