John 3:16 and Tim Tebow: How Beating the Steelers in OT was Tebow’s and God’s Plan All Along

Was Tebow throwing for 316 yards against the Steelers a coincidence or God’s way of spreading his message of Love?

Tebowmania is back…and so is Jesus this Monday morning.

Well technically for all of us, depending on your beliefs of course, Jesus is with us every morning.  But with Tim Tebow and the Broncos knocking off the Pittsburgh Steelers last night, in a game where they were a 10 point underdog, and in which Tebow played out of his mind and shredded Pittsburgh’s D to the tune of 316 yards, even non-believers are beginning to take notice of Tebow’s feats.

Did Tebow really throw for 316 yards on the dime?  As in John 3:16, which coincidentally happens to be Tebow’s and millions of other Christians favorite Bible verse of all time?

The Bible verse reads:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

We already know that Tim Tebow is a devout Christian and he uses his stage, with him being in the NFL to further teach and spread God’s message of love.  And what better way for him to do so then to throw for 316 yards against a team he wasn’t supposed to beat.  And then to have people break the number of yards thrown and turn it into a Bible verse that’s spreading around the internet like a wildfire in California is just the icing on the cake for Tebow.

What makes this story even more miraculous is that none of this would’ve happened if the Broncos wouldn’t have scored on the first play in overtime, which was an 80 yard strike to Demaryius Thomas.  How many times have you seen someone score on the first play in overtime?  If the Steelers would’ve made the tackle, chances are that the Broncos would’ve run on at least a couple of more plays and thus the yards Tebow needed to reach 316 wouldn’t have been there.  This is as picture perfect as it gets.

So did Tebow plan this all out?  Of course not.  This is just one of those things where either it’s a coincidence or someone higher is really reaching out to us to let us know more than ever that he exists.  Yes, Tebow won the game last night, but I guarantee you this and this post is evidence that Tim Tebow is going to win way more off the field than he ever could on it, and God most likely will see to that.

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