Shi*t Bougie Girls Say: The Video

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This little video here spawned a brand new genre of web videos focused around the theme “Sh*t (insert ethnic group and/or gender here) Say”, and these videos have been spreading like wildfire.


You can literally type “Sh*t Say” in Youtube’s search bar and get back over 7 pages of results.  And out of all the videos out there, this one may take the cake because we know a few people like this around the office (without saying any names), and we thought we should share.

This video was produced and directed by Damon Young, one of the guys behind the hugely successful site Very S mart Brothas, and stars the J-Russ the comedian.

You may remember J-Russ from this nice feature we done on him a while back.

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Ladies, be honest and let us know in the comment section below if you’re bougie or if you know anyone that is, or what does being bougie really mean to you.