Internet Dating Tips for 2012: How to Approach and Meet Someone Online

Here are some online dating tips for 2012 to help get your love life back on track.

In the new world with practically everything revolving through or around the internet it was just a matter of time before the net affected our personal life as well.

With more than 280,000 marriages a year resulting from couples meeting online, it seems like the old way of life back when courting was very much in fashion, may be over with.

So why do many Americans use the internet to socialize and date? Is it because of convenience, it being safer, or just more popular than the traditional and old school approach? But does a person with a Facebook page or Twitter account give off the wrong impression?

Almost everyone with either account has been approached by someone they knew or someone they didn’t know. The fact is whether you are just networking or just socializing somebody is going to try to approach you. Is there anything wrong with meeting someone over the internet, going out on a date with this person, truly getting to know who this person is, falling in love and get married?

Some still say no and some will say yes. I think a lot of people just don’t trust online dating for a number of reasons, and I think crime is the number one reason. How many times have we seen some old guy on the news charged for rape for trying to date a young teen over the internet. NBC even turned this into a very profitable franchise with Chris Hanson. Online dating is not 100% safe, because people are not honest. But people aren’t honest either offline just the same.

I also think that some people are embarrassed to announce that they met someone over the internet because it makes them seem desperate. What about the businessman or women who really does not have the extra time to be social, meaning going out to a bar or social event. For these type of people, online dating is very convenient for them. I really don’t think it makes a person seem desperate, but just another social platform where people can meet and interact with each other. eHarmony is the number 1 most trusted dating site and last year over 500 million people visited some sort of dating site. With that being said, more and more people are turning to these sites for companionship and comfort and for some people it has been successful, but the only way to find out is to find out.

Now for those who are currently dating online or considering it, here are some do and don’t:


  • Check your spelling when filling out your personal information.
  • Use the most recent photo of yourself.
  • Be honest with who you are from your age to your physical description.
  • Find someone that lives close to you, a 30 mile radius or maybe someone in same zip code.


  • Don’t use old photos of yourself like high school and college pictures.
  • Don’t use a photo with you and the opposite sex.
  • Don’t reveal to much skin in your photo because it will give off the wrong impression.
  • Don’t bring up your sexual history.
  • When sending emails never include confidential information.
  • Don’t use corny pickup lines.

Has any of you tried online dating with much success?

Chris Hicks is the author of Think Volume 1, which is a step by step guide, geared towards younger people, that illustrates all of the steps on how dating should turn into a monogamist relationship which should lead to love and ultimately marriage.

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