Twitter Tries To Help Users Understand The Social Platform

Twitter tries to help users make more sense of the social platform and have purchased link recommendation company Summify for this
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Twitter is well on its way to hitting the 500 million users mark and this is predicted to happen sometime in February. But one overarching difficulty Twitter are having to contend with is conversion of new Twitter sign-ups into active Twitter users. Twitter analysis website Twopcharts says that out of all the Twitter accounts opened, only 25% convert into active users while a further 12% close their accounts after a while.

To try to get a grip of these menacing statistics, Twitter has embarked on a number of user experience and user interface changes to help new Twitter users understand how to use the service and how to find the content that interests them. For many users, the huge number of Tweets flowing through their timeline is both intimidating and overwhelming making many users shut down or abandon their accounts after a while. Additionally, there is the obvious fact that many Twitter handles are just dummy handles so getting spammed becomes easy and for the worst part very annoying.

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This is why Twitter has  purchased link-mining company Summify. The company, which has been offering a Twitter-oriented service that allows you to discover the content that interests you will add a bit of more discovery to Twitter, something that Twitter has lacked so far. Twitter hope that with the new tools built into Twitter, it will be easier for users to discover content that is interesting to them and relevant. The service works by mining through all the links in your timeline and recommending links that may be of interest to you based on your own links.

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