Huge Incentives For Windows Phone App Developers

Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store will be a windfall for app developers as Microsoft roll out incentive program.

Microsoft’s plans for Windows Phone continue to unfold with the latest entry in the saga being some leaked details of what games will make it first into the Windows Store.

The leaked information first appeared in the Verge and shows that among the top games to make it to the store will be rock star game Angry Birds.

The game, which has been a huge success on other platforms is anticipated to do well on Windows Phone as well. Other games that will make it into the app store include Hydro Thunder, Toy Soldiers, Reckless Racing, Ilomilo, Rocket Riot, Full House Poker, Tentacles, Crash Course, Ms Splosion Man and Wordament.

Microsoft have set about crafting their Windows Store in such a way that incentivize app developers to develop for the platform. And these are no cheap incentives at all.

Windows Phone developers will enjoy a 70/30 revenue split for all revenues made from their apps on the platform and if the app grosses over $25,000, that split goes up to 80/20 in favour of the developer.

This is bound to pique the interest of many a developer who have a hard time competing in the flooded and largely unregulated Android market as well as the saturated iPhone market that currently has over 500,000 applications.

In terms of unit numbers, the Nokia Lumia 800 sales numbers paint a rosy picture for Windows Phones as the software giant gears up to launch Windows Phone 8.

The platform is tagged as probably being the defining moment for Windows Phone and with the sort of buzz going around, will probably make quite a bit of a stir in the smart phone market, which is now currently dominated by Apple and Samsung.

Nevertheless, Microsoft and Windows Phone still have quite a bit of some way to go before they even get close to the big boys.

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