Volkswagen Strikes Again, But With The Same Force?

Volkswagen has shown they have a knack for releasing creative ads and commercials that have made us laugh for many years. Was this year’s Superbowl commercial comparable to last year’s?

Volkswagen has shown they have a knack for releasing creative ads and commercials that have made us laugh for many years. Last year, they released “The Force” where a young child dressed as Darth Vader, tries to control things with his own force. Watch the ad to refresh your memory.

This year, VW put out its second installment of “The Force”. This time, an overweight mutt wants to do typical dog things like chase after cars and run around but can’t because of the excess weight. The dog then looks in the mirror the way many of us do after Thanksgiving and becomes motivated to lose the flab.

“Get Up Off That Thing” by James Brown is the absolute perfect song for this commercial and you just can’t help but smile while watching the dog working out. Finally the motivated mutt gets outside and runs after a VW beetle. Everything so far in this commercial has been perfect.

But then, there’s a cut to a mock Star Wars scene where two alien creatures are comparing last years “Force” commercial to this years.  This is totally unnecessary.

The abrupt change left me a bit confused and a little annoyed.

What do you think about the odd ending to this years “Force” commercial?

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