Sorry Chris, Twitter Is Not So Forgiving Of Your Mistakes


Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to incur the wrath of Socialdom and he cannot get away from it, even if he tried to. The pop star, who won a Grammy at the 54th Grammy Awards was on the receiving end of negative Twitter comments that criticized his Grammy performance as well as hit out at him for his past indiscretions.

The singer has in the past appeared before court to answer to battery charges levelled against him by his then girlfriend Rihanna. The negative sentiments went so far as to have the phrase “wife beater” trending on Twitter Trending Topics. But it seems the star has not learnt the golden rule of social media, you cannot beat the masses.


After his performance and collecting his Grammy, Chris Brown went on to “school” the masses on Twitter on the art of hating; noting rather philosophically that “we select who to hate”. He also took up the wife beater issue and went on to state his actions as nothing worse than the drug dealing and gangland violence that rappers glorify and which, Chris Brown says, people love the rappers for and even glorify them for.

This all culminated in the tweet displayed above with a resounding “F YOU!” to all his Twitter haters. But he must have gotten some quick advice from his handlers or remembered he was still persona non grata in the eyes of many because all the offensive tweets were promptly deleted from his account. But the beauty of technology is that it never forgets and the images of the tweets are still doing the rounds on the net and Chris Brown still receiving the flack for them.

Daniel Mbure

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