Woman Sues Church For Injury Acquired When Fellow Church-Goer Was ‘Catching The Holy Spirit’

A woman sues a church, for injuries obtained when a church member was overcome by the Holy Spirit and fell on her. She seeks $50,000 in damages for the emotional distress and physical pain suffered during the incident.

Anyone who has attended a southern black church probably knows how chaotic it can get when the Holy Spirit falls upon members of the congregation. Some people fall down to the ground, while others jump up and down speaking in tongues. Cheryl Jones was however a victim of the chaotic nature that accompanies these sessions, when she attended a church service in East St. Louis and walked away with injuries.

Jones filed a report in December reading in part:

Cheryl Jones filed a complaint in December that while visiting the Disciple Fellowship Christian Church in East St. Louis, another member received the Holy Spirit and fell backwards, causing her injury, according to ABC News.

In the complaint, Jones mentioned that there were no ushers or other members to assist the lady who became overcome by the spirit. She blames the church for failing to protect her.

Jones said that when a woman received the spirit, she fell backwards, knocking many people back who eventually landed on her. She hit her head, neck, back and buttocks and was rendered unconscious, according to Courthousenews.com.

Jones cited physical pain and emotional distress as some of the reasons why she was suing the church. Jones seeks $50,000 in damages.

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