Facebook Timeline Apps Update: It’s Becoming An App Store!

Facebook Timeline Apps are doing great, according to latest news from social media giant.

Facebook Timeline Apps are doing great, according to latest news from social media giant. The apps, which were introduced shortly after Facebook Timeline went live, saw the introduction of some 60 applications developed by third-party companies.

With the launch of the apps, Facebook wanted it to be easier for users to interact with their favourite brands and share their experiences to Facebook with less friction.

The new open graph system has opened up Facebook to a host of developers and businesses seeking to drive discovery and engagement in a whole new way. Facebook says that this new system has had such a great reception that they currently have a backlog of apps that developers have sent in and that are awaiting approval from Facebook.

Music apps like SpotifySongza and Deezer are seeing dramatic increases in sharing and music discovery. People have shared more than 5 billion songs through these apps, and their availability has increased from eight to 50 countries.

Some of the big winners in the initial phases include Pinterest that has seen up to 60% new visits from Facebook users since the launch of their application. Pose, which is a fashion trend and discovery app has seen a five fold increase in number of sign ups to their site and increased sharing across board.

Fab.com has also seen a 50% increase in traffic from Facebook since the launch of their app. Artfinder, RockMelt, Foodspotting and Foodily are other social platforms that have seen tremendous growth as a result of the launch of their Facebook Timeline apps.

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