Microsoft Launches Own Social Graph Called msnNOW

Microsoft launches new social media aggregation service to help users stay in the know.

If you don’t already have an information overload like most people already do then you will love this new aggregation service from Microsoft; it’s called msnNOW.

In a bid to jump into the social media space in a bad case of me-too-ism, Microsoft announced that they were launching a  new service that aggregates all the news from Twitter, Facebook and Bing and serve it in a setting that is eerily reminiscent of Pintrest, the social pinning service. The service promises it will help you stay in the know.

It cuts through the clutter of the web, providing an up-to-the-minute view of breaking trends and the hottest social conversations, what people are saying about them, and why they matter.

More than a quarter of Americans under the age of 30 get their information from various social media sites. With the influx of content today across the Web it can be challenging to ensure you’re seeing the relevant and credible content that matters most to you. msnNOW is the trusted source that will help make sense of the noise, anytime and from anywhere you’re online.

Microsoft already has a healthy stake in Facebook and has its Bing search engine firmly embedded in Facebook so it makes little sense to create a further social service that may not necessarily have the sort of range that Facebook has. However, considered from a different perspective, another service that has been doing this and rather well is Storify.

Storify aggregates a social feed from around the social networks and allows you to create stories from this content. Microsoft has however not added any such functionality and it is still to be seen what exactly the jingle on the new site is.

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