LG Launches 5″ Optimus Vue To Rival Samsung Galaxy Note

LG announces it will be launching a 5″ phone and it will go by the name Optimus Vue.

Just when you were getting used to the Samsung Galaxy Note Frankenphone, another phone turns up with similar disproportionate measurements and further confusion on what to think of these “phablets”. LG has announced it will be launching a 5″ phone and it will go by the name Optimus Vue.

The phone, which comes barely months after Samsung launched its Galaxy Note, will sport a 5 inch TFT display with 16 million colours and have a display ratio of 1024-by-768, which is less than the Note’s 1280×800 display. This is however because the Note has a slightly bigger screen coming in at 5.3 inches.

This bizarre set of phones leaking into the market are pushing the boundaries of what was previously known as large screen phones. Consider the Galaxy Tab, which is in actual sense and fact a tablet, is only 2 inches larger than these two 5 inch phones. Nonetheless, the LG OPtimus Vue will sport a 1.5GHz dual core processor and offer 32GB internal memory.


In keeping with the new trend of large smartphones, the Vue will also come with a stylus to stay handy for those times your fingers just don’t hack it. The Galaxy Note also comes with a stylus and it has received quite a bit of media buzz on it nonetheless.

In a recent street survey conducted by Mashable on the streets of New York, interviewees were more than often taken aback by the sheer size of the Galaxy Note while others said it may be cool, but as more of a tablet and media device than as a phone.

The overall sentiment has however been that phones should remain within a given size range in order to retain the practicality of being used as a calling device. Apple are also looking at the 7 inch range as there have been rumours that the fruit company is planning to launch a mini iPad that could be within the 7 inch range of the Galaxy Tab.

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