Comcast Launching New Streaming Service Streampix

Comcast launches new streaming service allowing existing Comcast customers to enjoy content on a streaming platform.

If you are a Comcast customer then here is some good news for you. The company has just launched a new streaming service, Streampix that will allow existing Comcast customers to enjoy content on a streaming platform. The new service will broaden accessibility of Comcast shows for customers who may have been stuck having to watch all their shows from home where their cable installation is.

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This however does not make it any more of a solution for so called “cable cutters” who are cable customers cancelling their subscriptions and turning to the web for cheaper and more convenient alternatives to expensive cable services.

Some of the shows that will be included in the package include: Disney-ABC Television Group, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Cookie Jar Entertainment. Streampix will in addition complement Xfinity’s 75,000 TV shows and movies already available to customers on multiple platforms.

In the coming year, the Streampix service will be available on additional devices such as Xbox 360 and Android™-powered devices.  Streampix will be included as part of many Xfinity triple-play packages, Blast!+ and Blast! Extra video/high-speed Internet packages, as well as separately for $4.99 a month with other video packages, and enables the company to have greater flexibility with packaging and bundling options.

The service may seem as an entry point into the steadily growing streaming market currently dominated by Netflix but it may be more of damage control than going after a new market.

Studies have shown that whereas the decline in cable subscriptions is tiny, it is a steady trickle that could very well erode cable company customer numbers over time. Comcast plans to open up the service to more platforms going forward.

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