20 Percent of the NBA’s Fans Deserve to be Shot According to Charles Barkley

This is another classic case of why you should think things out first before you open your mouth.

Chuck is at once again.

On Jim Rome’s radio show yesterday, Charles was talking about how so many fans take it too far in the NBA and that perhaps he has fell victim to the antics as well.

Charles then went on to say that if he could he would take 20% of the NBA fans, and take them out back and shoot them.   You’ve read that right.  Charles Barkley said live on air that he would shoot and kill 20% of the NBA’s fans.

Now it’s true that a lot of fans do take things too far at times, but its all in the passion of the game. Yes, they are mean-spirited and like to say things because they know they can’t be touched, but all in all they have a passion for the team and players they love.

On the bright note at least he said that the other 80% of the fans were amazing. The things Chuck say.

Although many appreciate Barkley’s candid style of commentating and plethora of basketball knowledge, the former All-Star has gotten in trouble for his words several times in the past. Most recently he caught heat for calling Weight Watchers, a major endorsement of his, a “scam.”

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