#ArtistTalk: J Mello – Not Just Good Music But A Voice For Abused Children

IN: So now I have a completely different type of question. When you write a song how do you find the music for it? Because you said you mix Pop, Hip Hop and Rock together. So how do you find the right vibe for a song?

J Mello: Well usually I don’t write my lyrics down. I might go to my brother Doggie or Lil Wonda, that’s my partners. And what I usually do with them as I come to them I say: Yo, I need a record, I need a song, I’m feeling something. It’s just like it happens. I start singing the melody. It’s just a vibe thing I guess. And then we add all the ingredients later. Sometimes I make the beat myself, just do it and then give it to them and then they do it and they’ll mash it up. You know I’ve been doing this for so long and people are now starting to do my type of music and it becomes easier. And now it’s becoming accepted. It’s kind of like it’s an easy thing. It’s a norm to me. It’s like the hybrid, I am the hybrid. It’s not forced.

IN: One more question I got about the song “Stage Dive”. The style of this song sounds completely different than what I heard before. Is it like a different direction you are going to or is it just another part of you?

J Mello: That’s a part of me. And when you hear it and when you hear the different records and you are like: Oh wow, where is he going with that one? Wow, this is crazy what’s this? On the album you are gonna get all of that and you are gonna understand it. The different directions I mean. Well, it’s not really a different direction it’s a heightened direction. It’s me tapping into rock. You have “Torture”, the organic with the rock. And then you have “Glitters and Gold”. If you listen to “Glitters and Gold” it comes on very Hip Hop. You know that back in the day type of Hip Hop. So when you listen to “Stage Dive”, “Stage Dive” is pretty much electric, electronic Rock n Roll. But one thing that’s never gonna change where ever I go you hear a message in each song. In each song, in each record.

IN: As you said it is good music and not just one genre.

J Mello: It’s good music! Like back in the days they made all these big records and they were making good songs. And nobody cared what direction this was going into. It was good music, plain artists. People love that, people miss that. So basically you are gonna hear that, mixed with a bunch of other stuff and then you gonna understand it because as soon as you are gonna hear it you are gonna be like: Uh, this is what he’s talking about. “Glitters and Gold” might not actually be on the Therapy Session because it was kind of like a throw away record. Certain records that I have out online you’re not gonna hear them on the mixed tape or on the album because Therapy Session is a complete thing to itself. “Glitters and Gold” gets your ears ready for what u are gonna hear.

IN: So there are more surprises to come as I understand. You are ready for everything.

J Mello: Oh man, yeah. It’s crazy. The music is something and the people are gonna go “Wow, listen to this!”

Well, we are ready!

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