New iPhone game: “The Simpsons: Tapped out!” Comes to the iPhone and it’s Free!

The new iPhone game “The Simpsons: Tapped out” is out. And it’s for free.
The Simpsons 1

EA Games announced the release of the official The Simpsons game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! And the best news is: It’s for free!!!

The game is written and created by the TV writers and animators of the The Simpsons, the longest running comedy television series. And of course, the game starts very Simpsons like, Homer accidentally causes a meltdown at the nuclear power plant and wipes out his hometown Springfield. Now it’s up to the players to rebuild Springfield and help Homer find his family and friends.

Additionally, players get a variety of quests they need to fulfill in order to earn experience points, earn money and even donuts which they can exchange for new buildings or characters from the show to help expand Springfield.

“The Simpsons is the ideal brand to bring laugh-out-loud entertainment to mobile devices” said Nick Earl, Senior Vice President of Global Social and Mobile Studios, electronic Arts.

Or as Homer from the game says it, “It’s life-ruiningly fun!”

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