Randy Moss to the Saints, Is it a Good Decision?

Randy Moss

Despite the Saints being investigated for their bounty scandal as of late, Randy Moss is said to have trained with the Saints today as he tries to work his way back onto a NFL team.

Now the question is whether he will be a good match?


Moss who is one of the best wide receivers in NFL history, could be a valuable asset despite the fact that he did not play at all in 2011.

The Saints could use the receiver, but with the aforementioned scandal and Drew Brees upset about his franchise tag, is there really a place for Moss on this team?

With Moss and his big personality, maybe he can give the team the needed push to be a whole lot better, focused, and dedicated this year with everything going on?

Or he can become an added distraction that the Saints really don’t need right now?


Only time will tell, but it seems that Moss making a team and playing again in the NFL is pretty much foregone conclusion.

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