AmEx And Twitter Join To Bring You Tweet Coupons

American Express has announced a new marketing deal with Twitter that will turn your tweets into coupons.
American Express

American Express has announced a new marketing deal with Twitter that will turn your tweets into coupons. Think it sounds cool? Well, it is. Twitter and AmEx have been working on a number of collaborations in the past with the last being Twitter self-serve ads. But this latest one has to be the most innovative and interesting of them all. So, how does it work? Fairly simply.

You will need to go to the American Express Twitter Sync page and sync your card to your Twitter account. This then activates the Tweet-to-coupon feature. When an advertiser creates an offer on Twitter or advertises a certain hash tag, all you have to do is tweet using that hash tag and that tweet automatically becomes an activated coupon that is attached to your card. When you then use that card to shop at the business that issued the coupon, the coupon will be applied to your purchase and the discount effected.

One major downside to this is that everything happens pretty much behind the curtain and all you get is an @mention that confirms that your tweet coupon has been loaded to your card. This may pose an issue because for starters a tweet can only hold so many details about a coupon and also, if you follow a great number of people, that tweet could fall off your time line in minutes and you will never know if it was activated or not. But that said, the innovation said, the innovation still remains one of the coolest ways of mashing up social media and commerce. For more on the service, check out the video below.

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