BBC’s New Documentation: “Children Of The Tsunami”

Children tell how they experienced the tsunami that took place March 11th 2011 in Japan.
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It was March 11th 2011 when Japan was devastated by the biggest tsunami in a thousand years. Tens of thousands of children were affected by this natural disaster. They lost family members, friends, their homes, and schools in the tragedy. And now they tell their story.

BBC’s Jenny Hill visited the city of Kesennuma to hear from the children themself of how they survived and how they are coping with their losses almost one year after the tragedy. The 7 – 10 year young survivors tell their story of how they dealt with the deadly wave of the tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear accident.

The one hour long documentation unfolds at two different locations. First location is a primary school where 74 people were killed by the wave of the tsunami. The second location is a school near the Fukushima nuclear plant. This school was attended by children evacuated from the nuclear exclusion zone.

One year after – the wounds are not healed but there is hope after all!

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