Nielsen Study: Girls Blog More Than Guys

Most bloggers are well-educated, active in social networks, and are female, according to new research from Nielsen

The numbers are out and what is not at all shocking finally emerges; the female species is blogging and the guys are nowhere near. According to a recent study by NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey company, which tracked up to 173 million blogs across the world, the company found that in the US a huge percentage of bloggers are female.

Of these, one in three are mothers, are well-educated (seven out of ten have gone to college), and they’re active across multiple social media platforms. This study goes on to demonstrate that most bloggers favour Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress and preferred blogging platforms but that more people are turning to social media sites, especially Facebook, as their preferred blogging platform.

The study itemized gross blogs in the US as such: more than 6.7 million people in the United States publish blogs through blogging platforms, with another 12 million maintaining blogs on social networks. So, if you thought you were a serious blogger as a dude, well, think twice, the girls are doing it and cleaning up real good.

One interesting development however is the rise of Pinterest, a simple yet highly innovative curative tool that allows users to “Pin” interesting pictures and content to their boards and share them across networks. Not surprisingly, women have again take then the lead in adopting this service. Guys, where you at?

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