TED-Ed YouTube Channel Launched Offering Education Content

TED-Ed YouTube channel launched: educating the world one video at a time.

The guys who gifted the world with TED Talks have come up with a new and very interesting initiative dubbed TED-Ed. The new service, which has been launched as a YouTube channel will feature short 10 or less minute clips that seek to educate viewers on anything and everything, from symbiosis to aliens.

TED-Ed is an initiative that has been in the works for a while now and its subsequent release bodes well for teachers and educators across the world. The initiative has been heralded as “invitation to teachers around the world to submit their best lessons” and they can do this by with nominating a provider or volunteering themselves.

“Right now there’s a gifted educator somewhere out there delivering the life-changing lesson. The TED-Ed team hopes that anyone that’s passionate about education will help us find that teacher, capture that moment, and amplify it the way it deserves to be amplified.”

In order to participate, all a viewer has to do is nominate an animator, lesson or educator who can contribute content to the site. When a lesson is submitted, the TED-Ed team works together with the teacher to compress the lesson into ten or less minutes of animation narrative.

The lessons will be free to view and will have interactive transcript features to allow a user to jump to content. This is a great initiative and we all hope it will be as popular as the TED Talks that the whole world has come to love and appreciate.

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