New iPad Game Lets You Play Against Your Cat

The cat food maker Friskies presents an iPad game where a human plays against a cat. “You vs. Cat” is the name and it will be soon available on iTunes.
you vs. cat

At this week’s SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas the cat food maker Friskies presented the first iPad game which is played by two species. “You vs. Cat” is the name and yes, you play against your cat!

The game is as easy as it is brilliant. You have to fight for a bowl of animated Friskies cat food with your cat. It’s a little bit like virtual ice-hockey. The human is trying to maneuver the cat food over the screen into a goal box on the other side. The cat on the other hand can stop him and win the game by putting its paw on the food. And believe it or not – the human race is losing. The cats are leading 2,091 to 1,250.

The cat to be defeated is Buddy. He is the champion in this two-species game and was flown in to present the game at the festival. Legend says that he is still unbeaten.

“You vs. Cat” is not the first iPad game Friskies launches. In May 2011 Friskies launched several games with names like “Cat Fishing” or “Tasty Treasure Hunt”. But these games were for cats only, allowing cats to hunt and catch items on the screen.

But now the game is on: Us against cats. Who will win?

The game “You vs. Cat” is soon available on iTunes and will be free.

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