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Karzai want U.S Troops out of Afghan Villages

Afghan President Hamid Karzai

In the wake of the latest military unrest, Karzai is demanding that U.S. pullback the troops from the villages of Afghan. This is a major blow to the strategies that the U.S was going to implement to fight the war on terror.

These events were fueled by the troubled solider that killed 16 villagers on Sunday, most of which were women and children. Taliban representatives who have been in constant discussions with the U.S. officials for months are said to suspend the process because the U.S “turned back on promises.”


The request of Karzai would end the military role in Afghanistan, therefore allowing the Afghan forces to take charge and protect the country.

With all that has been taking place in the Afghan community when it comes to our troops, maybe it is time to withdraw and focus on the health of our troops.

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