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So What’s Under The Hood Of The New iPad?

The new iPad has every Apple fanboi’s pulse running and with sales set to begin in the US in just a few hours, everyone wants to know, so what’s the big deal, anyway? Well, one overly enthusiastic geek decided they could not waited so he hopped onto a plane and landed in Australia where the iPad 3 was launched yesterday and then proceeded to take the iPad apart and look under the hood. So what did he find?


The iPad 3 has what is called a retina display, which has a high pixel quotient that offers stunning HD picture quality. The 9.7 inch LCD backlit LED screen has a 2048×1536 pixel display and over 3 million colours. To give you perspective, the number of colours only matters when the size of the screen is big enough and has a high enough number of pixels to deliver the full vibrancy of the colours.


The iPad 3 or the new iPad as it is probably going to be known, also comes with a 5MP camera capable of shooting full HD video. The rear-facing camera has autofocus, zoom capabilities and face recognition which should make it great to take snaps. What’s rather odd however is whether or not anyone really wants to be using an iPad to take photos.


This is also different as the new iPad features a dual-core Apple A5X processor, which Apple promised would be able to serve processes almost twice as fast as the previous generation processor. People who have already used it however say the difference in response between the iPad 2 and the new one is barely perceptible.


This has to be the biggest (and heaviest) change to the iPad as the new one has a much bigger battery pack. This of course is because of the increased screen capacity as well as LTE data connectivity, both of which can drain the battery very quickly. This means the new iPad enjoys a good amount of battery time despite the increased energy demands.

So, as the guys who took it apart said, it would take an expert eye to catch any difference in the new iPad apart from the obvious 1.3 pound weight increment. Nevertheless, the Retina display may eventually be the new iPad’s claim to fame if not anything else.

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