Entrepreneur Planning Start-up Launch From Back Of His Honda

This entrepreneur creates a whole new definition to the term “bootstrapping” as he pushes the gas pedal on his start-up (and car) to the next level.

Kurt Varner is an enterprising and innovative entrepreneur and so much so that he is actually pioneering a different way of launching a startup, from the back of a car. The technology entrepreneur has made the news for working out of the back of his car as he prepares to launch his application called Daily Toaster, which he says will guarantee that you wake up in the morning on time.

Kurt, who is no stranger to the startup culture, founded and sold video blog site Vloggo, and seeks to do the same with his new product only with a twist. Redefining the term “bootstrapping”, Kurt found himself in a dilemma because he lives with his family in LA and as his wife is a teacher, he could not move the family to San Francisco in the summer.

This prompted him to think of an innovative way to get his startup into the middle of the action going down in Silicon Valley and so he packed up his survival kit in his Honda Civic, and is now living out of the back of his car, in Silicon Valley.

He says he uses open hacker spaces in the area to work from and is currently looking for a co-founder and later on some investment cash for his idea.

The down side to the plan is that he needs shower privileges from well wishers in the area. If he does succeed, his will be one of those stories that will be told and retold as an urban legend in the annals of bootstrapping history.

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