Joe Oliver Defends George Zimmerman’s Killing of Trayvon Martin

One of Zimmerman’s friends has the nerve to defend his actions towards Trayvon Martin.
George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin

In the mist of the Trayvon Martin case, a friend of the shooter, ¬†George Zimmerman, is speaking out for him. The friend of Zimmerman stated that because of all of the controversy surrounding the case and people calling for his arrest “George virtually lost his life, too.”

On Saturday, Joe Oliver, a family friend to Zimmerman spoke out in an effort to get people to back off the call for Zimmerman’s arrest. In many statements he has said that he” didn’t even know whether George pulled the trigger.”

When the question was brought up, what would Zimmerman say to Trayvon Martin’s parents, Oliver said ” That he’s very, very sorry. That he’s very,very sorry because in many ways George lost his life too.”

Oliver also went on to say that Zimmerman could not stop crying after the shooting took place.

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