Medical Pot Delivery Driver Claims Ninjas Robbed Him of His Weed

Biggie Smalls said it best, to “never get high off of your own supply”…

This marijuana delivery person was either high or just told the police a really awesome idea for a stoner film.

Police in California responded to a call from a medical marijuana delivery boy over the weekend who claimed he was robbed by two men dressed as ninjas.

The call came in just after 10 p.m. on Friday when the caller who was delivering marijuana near the 800 block of South Sunset Avenue in San Gabriel Valley told police he had been attacked.

The police lieutenant said of the attack:

“As he was going back to his vehicle, he was approached by two subjects in ninja costumes who chased him with batons.”

The police officer then added:

“The victim said he was scared and he dropped a bag with some marijuana and money. The suspects took it.”

Police did not reveal how much marijuana or cash the men made off with, only that an investigation remains underway at this time.

In the meantime police in the area say they are not aware of any other ninja related activity in the area at this time although they are urging everyone to be on the lookout for two pot stealing men wearing ninja costumes.

If you happen to see two ninjas stumbling around in a stoned daze, perhaps attempting to buy up all the munchies at the local 7-11 you’re urged to call local authorities immediately.

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