Tim Duncan Did Not Play In Last Night’s Spurs Game Because He’s “Old”

For many, being 35 isn’t old, but according to the San Antonio Spurs and last night’s box score, Tim Duncan is ancient.

If you polled the average person in the street, you will find that 35 isn’t really old by today’s standards for obvious reasons. Well apparently the San Antonio Spurs didn’t get that memo that everyone else seems to agree with.

You see, the team’s long time superstar Tim Duncan is 35. He’s played 13 seasons in the NBA, all with the San Antonio Spurs, and I guess it is now clear that his career is almost over and done with.

You wouldn’t think the Spurs would be quick to point that out, though. And yet, Duncan didn’t play in last night’s Spurs game against the Philadelphia 76ers, and rather than make up some BS excuse as to why he didn’t play, the team came right out and revealed why he didn’t play on the box score.

As you can see, they listed Duncan as out and wrote “DNP – Old” next to his name.

What makes this even funnier is that as you can see next to Gary Neal’s name they gave an excuse of “Left Mid Foot Sprain”, and everyone else who didn’t play as inactive.

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