Useful Apps For iOS, Android And Windows Phone You Might Not Know About

A small summary of some useful apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone you might not know about.
iOS, Android and Windows Phone

We all know apps like “Angry Birds” or “You vs. Cat” that do nothing more than entertain and kill some time. But aren’t there also useful apps out there? Are there? Yes, there are. And here is a short list off some of them:

Adobe Reader: Since PDFs are very common formats, an Adobe Reader is a good thing to have on the road. You can view, print, copy/paste or search the document to find specific information. The Adobe Reader is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Alice: Not just iPhone users can talk to their phone or so called Siri. Also Android users have someone to talk to, Alice. Alice is a voice recognition software and can answer anything from “Who is the director of Inception?” or “Do I need sunglasses?” and do things like “Call John Smith” and “Send a message to Sarah I’m coming later”. Additionally Alice learns which means at some point she will be even able to make some jokes.

Android Lost: With this app you can find, lock and delete content of a lost cell phone from every internet connected computer. Similar functions can be installed for iPhones under and for Window Phones under

Dropbox: If you have Dropbox installed on your computer and use it for saving all your content, you should definitely download this app. The app synchronizes what’s in your Dropbox on your computer with your Dropbox on your phone. Where ever you go you will always have all your documents, photos and videos with you.

Evernote: Do you also have this problem of forgetting things? Well not any more if you download Evernote. With Evernote you can take notes, record voice-reminders, take photos or create to-do lists. And you can synchronize your notes across all your computers and devices. Evernote is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Locus Free: Unfortunately only for Android available, this app is still one of a kind. With Locus Free you can download maps of whole countries into your smart phone memory and make them available even when you are offline. You can switch the setting between fast and short car route, cycling and foot. You will never get lost again.

MX Video Player: Another app just for Androids. With MX Video Player you can play any video format. Almost any video format!

Shazam: Okay, this one might be more entertaining than useful but still – it’s an awesome app. If you hear a song and you don’t know the singer – Shazam can help. If you want to learn the lyrics of a specific song or see the YouTube video and then share everything on Facebook or Twitter – this app is the one to do it with. And it’s available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

TuneIn Radio: With TuneIn you can choose between 50,000 radio stations from all over the world. If you want to know what radio stations in Berlin are playing right now or hear some reggae from Kingston – get TuneIn Radio.

WhatsApp: With this app you can send text messages, photos and videos for free. As long as the other person has the app installed as well. And it even works internationally. With WhatsApp you can text a friend in Canada, Europe or wherever. All for free.

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