Anyone Can Now Make Money From YouTube Videos

Now anyone with videos on YouTube an make money through Google ads served on their videos.

If you create compelling video content and have been bummed out at having to watch other more “popular” creators make money on YouTube, your wait is now over. YouTube has lifted its stringent requirements that saw only a handful of creators benefiting from the massive advertising revenues made from ads served on YouTube.

In a blog post on the YouTube Creators blog, YouTube says now anyone with compelling content can make money from ads served when their videos are played. In the past, the few lucky ones had the chance to not only place ads within their videos but also share in ad revenues that accrued from those watching the videos.

But there are still a few limitations to this open sesame moment. For starters, only 20 countries in the world are eligible. That is a small number considering the whole world is more or less on the Internet, and that means out of 196 countries, 176 are missing out. The other damper is that new partners will not be eligible to all the perks that older partners enjoy such as thumbnails and banners but YouTube says it hopes to make these available to new partners over time.

This is great news for those who have hundreds of videos on YouTube but still comes a bit late because for many, all the content that has already been created and viewed is done with and they will have to start from scratch to make any money. Either way, this will see more people making money on YouTube and so you should expect to see more ads on YouTube videos going forward.

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