This Super Cool App Turns Your Car Into A Muscle Car

The super cool XLR8 app turns your family sedan into a tarmac tearing muscle car.

Gentlemen, start your engines! On my mark… Bang! That’s the dream of every man/ woman with the fantasy of racing or at least driving a muscle car that tears up the tarmac. Well, sadly, the sort of cars that make those revving sounds, or more adequately, roaring sounds, tend to come with a pretty steep price tag.

But with this new app you can turn your family sedan into a tarmac tearing muscle car in no time. The XLR8 app turns your car into a muscle car through the use of the accelerometer in your smart phone and a bunch of Hollywood sounds. This is how the app works. When you install the app and activate it, it uses your phone’s accelerometer to detect the speed of your car and then generates muscle car sounds to emulate the very movements your car is making.

The app is so intuitive it is able to tell when you accelerate, slow down, turn a corner and so on. In addition, the gear shift timer is also able to change gear sounds almost in time with the gear changes in the vehicle you are driving. Created to turn your minivan into a Porsche, the XLR8 app is also able to detect when your car comes to a halt and generates idle engine sounds.


Created by app development company 2XL, the app is a welcome fantasy application for those who grew up racing imaginary cars around the house and making race car sounds with their mouths. As 2XL creative director Robb Rinard says, “I’m a race car aficionado as well as a sound designer with a passion for the sound of a well-tuned engine. When I was little, I was the kid who would sit at the breakfast table and make race car sounds with my mouth for fun while dreaming about tearing up the track.”

The app is available for Apple and Android and only features the original muscle car sounds but other more exotic sounds such as those of the Ford GT40, Ferrari and Lamborghini are available as in-app purchases.

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