Become An Author For The Travel App ”Minube”

“minube” is the name of a Spanish travel app now available in English. On “minube” you get travel recommendations what to see and where to eat or sleep from other travelers who already visited the city you are visiting. And “minube” is looking for authors who love to travel and love to write about it.
minube app

minube app
If you are planning a vacation in Spain you should check out the first English version of the Spanish travel app “minube”. “minube” means “my cloud” in Spanish and was awarded “Best app in Spain” in 2011 by Apple, beating famous apps like Instagram. The app is available for iOS and Android and it’s for free!

The idea behind the social travel app “minube” is to get travel recommendations for sightseeing, places to sleep, eat or party from other travelers who already visited the city you are visiting. You can read comments to different places people visited, browse through a gallery of photos to get inspired where else to go and even find phone numbers of sightseeing places or restaurants to be able to call and ask for opening hours or the best dessert on the menu. Another convenient feature – you can download the travel guides to your phone and use them offline. And every bit of it is provided by people like you – people who love to travel.

minube app 2

At the moment more than 450.00 travelers are sharing their travel experiences on “minube” with an audience of 30 million people. And there will be more. For now the English version of the app is only available for certain cities in Spain. Like Madrid, Barcelona or Granada. But the “full version” it’s on its way and is planned to be released this summer.

“We are working on finding key travelers to share their trips in English” Juan Carlos Milena from “minube” in Spain explains the next steps. And everybody who loves to travel, to take pictures and to write down their travel experience is welcome to apply as an author for “minube”. As an author you can even earn money through in-apps purchases and keep doing what you love to do the most: Traveling! Find out more about it: Here!

From what I saw on the English version for Barcelona I would definitely download the “full version” once it’s available. “minube” seems like a very neat and fun way to experience a city you never been before. The pictures of the other travelers were breathtaking and if you are lucky you might even find recommendations of a local person and be able to see places no “usual” tourist will ever see.

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