moleskine sms

“The Moleskine Shooting Message System” Comes With An Unlimited Plan

moleskine sms
Just today I was noticed that I exceeded the limit of available SMS on my phone. And then I heard about this new analog SMS system called “The Moleskine Shooting Message System”.

For the 20th anniversary of the text message Italian designer Pietro Corraini created a classic Moleskine notebook with a little bit of a twist.

The notebook works like in the old days when you couldn’t just send your school friend a SMS during math letting him know you were bored but instead had to shoot a paper note across the classroom. The rubber around the cover of the notebook becomes the shooting device, while the cover itself gives indication how far to pull back the rubber in order to shoot the note 7, 12 or even 17ft far.

And since it’s a notebook, it comes with little perforated notes saying “I Love You” or “Call Me” to shoot across the room to your one-and-only or “I Regret To Inform You That” to shoot over to your boss at the end of the hall.

moleskine sms 2

I’m not sure if I will purchase the notebook instead of upgrading my phone with an unlimited plan. But I might purchase it for just nostalgic reasons… Remember the time before SMS and cell phones? Well if you don’t you should definitely purchase it and enjoy shooting some text messages around, unlimited!

If you are interested you can purchase the notebook right here! Shoot me a message and let me know how it works.

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