Jennifer Hudson Gets the Closure She Deserves


After weeks of the Trial of the man who savagely killed her mother, brother and nephew. Jennifer finally got the verdict that was much needed in this case guilty. William Balfour was the man that turned Jennifer’s life completely up side down. October 24, 2008 William Balfour took the lives of the people who was near and tear to this songstress. Out anger and spite he entered her mothers home and murdered her loved ones. After three days of deliberation and 83 witnesses he was found guilty, which holds a mandatory life sentence. With this verdict she may not get her loved ones back, but she can have the peace and closure that she deserves. My prayers go out to the surviving me members of the Hudson family.

I am a passionate person. Every task that I pick I do it with passion. I am artist that loves all things artsy. I like to create things that many people can interpret differently. I am passionate about the youth and spend time mentoring, so maybe I can make a difference in their lives and the community as a whole.

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