Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Files for Divorce from Evelyn Lozada

Ochocinco is finally ready to move on and is giving Evelyn Lozado the divorce that she wanted.


It looks like Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson is finally admitting that his marriage to reality star Evelyn Lozada is over.  According to TMZ, the unemployed gridiron player has reportedly filed divorce papers which state that his marriage to Lozada is “irretrievably broken.”

The court documents, which were filed Wednesday in a Florida court, are in response to Lozada’s August 14th filing just 41 days after her nuptials to Johnson.  The pair parted company when Johnson allegedly head-butted his bride after the couple argued violently over a condom receipt that Lozada accidentally discovered in his car.  Since the break up, there have been accusations of infidelity on Johnson’s part and several women have come forward to divulge the fact that they had remained his bedfellows throughout his engagement and marriage to Lozada.

Johnson, who was arrested for the alleged domestic assault and charged with misdemeanor battery, recently pleaded not guilty.  As a result of the domestic violence charge however, the 34-year-old was fired from his NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, and booted from lucrative endorsement deals.  Johnson has also appeared to be emotionally wounded over his wife’s legal moves and public interviews regarding their implosive marital breakup.  He even recently tattooed a huge caricature of Lozada on his leg which he showcased on his Twitter site.

Now, he seems to have snapped out of his public funk and is now rolling up his sleeves and making some legal demands.  Lozada is requesting that the divorce tab should be picked up by Johnson.  He, on the other hand, is blocking this proviso stating that their prenuptial agreement states that they each will flip their own divorce bills.

Sources told TMZ that Lozada is ”ecstatic” and can’t wait to get the divorce over and done with because she wants to put this chapter behind her, and now apparently, so does he.

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